Fantasy for piano, premiered 2010
Sarabande for harpsichord, premiered 2009
Fantasy for guitar, premiered 2008
Prelude for violin, premiered 2008
Suite for piano, premiered 2005
Fantasy for piano, premiered 2003
Variations on an original theme for piano, premiered 2002


“Sea Garden” for soprano and piano, premiered 2005
“5 Haiku” for tenor and harp, premiered 2004
“The Garden” for tenor and piano, premiered 2003
“With Rue My Heart is Laden”, premiered 2002

Chamber Music

Chorale for string quartet, premiered 2009
Passacaglia for 2 violins, premiered 2009 — Video
Trio Sonata for English horn, violin, and continuo, premiered 2009
Canon for 3 violins and continuo, premiered 2008
Fantasy for oboe, clarinet, and bassoon, premiered 2003
Fantasy for violin and violoncello, premiered 2003

Choral Music

“Kyrie” for SATB choir, premiered 2008 Video
Missa sine nomine for SATB choir, premiered 2005